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Your intellectual property is the lifeblood of your digital business. Be it music, video, graphics or written content — you alone as legitimate owner have the right to benefit from it. Unfortunately, close to one quarter of all internet traffic around the world involves intellectual property infringement on some level.

Think about it, every year digital pirates abscond the intellectual property of thousands upon thousands of legitimate content producers, established brands and media outlets. The loss in revenue that these pirates provoke can be measured in the billions of dollars yearly. Fortunately, our unique set of anti-piracy and intellectual property protection services can help your business sink the pirates before they pillage your bounty.

With many years of experience in the intellectual property protection business, we have developed a team of technical and legal experts that are dedicated to being your first line of defense in the fight against digital piracy.

DMCA Takedown Notices

While other anti-piracy service companies offer routine packages revolving around discovering instances of piracy and issuing the corresponding takedown notices, our company takes this process to a whole new level of intensity and precision.

We employ a proprietary algorithmic and human based system for the detection and identification of intellectual property infringements. This ensures that our detection rates are higher than the industry average. It also ensures that legitimate users of your content, such as affiliates and legitimate license holders, do not get needlessly inconvenienced. Many times anti-piracy service providers neglect to take into account how adversely affecting legitimate holders of your content can also negatively impact your revenues. You want to target the pirates, not those that are generating revenue for you. That is why our system and methodology is geared entirely toward accurate detection, swift verification and precise targeting.

Precision Monitoring with Wide-Coverage

Finding intellectual property pirates online requires a very fine net to be cast broadly over a vast expanse of digital waters. Our anti-piracy service is robust enough to accomplish precisely that. Using multiple server farms located throughout different parts of the world, our piracy detecting spiders are able to reach every crevice of the internet in search of pirated intellectual property. This unique method of employing servers from around the globe allows our spiders to search a larger portion of the internet with a finer degree of accuracy, faster than other anti-piracy service companies.

Whether your content is being pirated via a torrent site, social media, peer-to-peer repositories or standard websites, we will detect it and issue the corresponding takedown notice to get it to stop.


Many times, companies ignore the risks of intellectual property piracy due to a misconceived notion that there is nothing that they can do about it. Others, equally misinformed, believe that it only truly affects large companies. Some smaller companies use “fiscal prudence” as an excuse not to retain the services of an anti-piracy provider.

The reality is that intellectual property theft affects companies of every size, genre and location. That is why we structure our services on a tiered basis. This means that regardless of your company’s size or budget, our advanced anti-piracy detection technology can be put to work safeguarding your valuable intellectual assets immediately.

Also, all of our different service tiers are covered by the same level of sophisticated detection and verification. Our price structure is volume based. So, you can start by protecting just one piece of intellectual property and expand as your property library expands. By choosing our anti-piracy services, cost is simply not an excuse not to be protected.

Superior Customer Service and Reporting

When you retain our anti-piracy protection service, not only do you receive the benefit of our superior technology and methodology, but you also receive personalized attention from our team of experts. Every account receives access to our customer support team. This means that you can contact a real in-house customer service representative 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We feel that it is important for you, the intellectual property owner, to be kept constantly abreast of our performance. This way, you can make educated decisions regarding upgrading or downgrading your coverage as you deem necessary. To this end, we provide detailed reporting to inform you of the threats that were detected and how they were neutralized.

We look forward to working with you in maximizing the value of your intellectual property by providing the most advanced and affordable level of anti-piracy protection on the market.